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Thank you for your interest in applying for the BSR HEALTH INNOVATION AWARD 2024. Please use this application form for your participation. You can save the form and complete it later. The competition language is English. Please email any questions to

Don’t forget to check again that all your details have been saved. When completing the form, please make sure that you describe your innovation clearly and precisely. Please use the fields provided as a guide to highlight the different aspects of your innovation.


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1. Title and brief Description of the Idea

This information will be used for press relations and also for a short presentation at the award ceremony. Please describe clearly your work environment and the team, the problem to be solved and roughly outline your innovative solution (idea/product). How and why did you come up with this idea? How long did it take from the idea to implementation? How did you/do you plan to implement the idea?

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2. Personal Information/Contact

Please name one main person who will be available throughout the award procedure. Also name the other team members and provide a brief overview of your own (professional) experience and acquired skills under the heading ‘Brief profile’. This information should include both professional and job-related qualifications as well as personal soft skills.

Date of Birth

2.2 Other Team Members

You can add up to 3 additional Team Members.

2.3 Team Expertise

Please describe the expertise in your team and how the members work together to implement the innovative solution outlined (idea/product).

3. Information about the Applicant Organization

Information about the Applicant Organization

4. The Degree of Innovation

Describe your innovative idea or the new process in as much detail as possible. What exactly is innovative about your development, how does it exceed the current state of the art and what advantages does it offer users/customers/patients? Please list any additional documents (photos, plans, etc.) you wish to submit.

The Innovation or Business Idea is

5. Technical Feasibility

Describe how you will put the idea or concept into practice. Which work steps have to be carried out? Have you already tested the procedure in practice? What challenges still need to be mastered?

6. Market Potential

Who are your competitors? How does your USP or strategy distinguish you from them? What kind of sales are you targeting? How did you calculate this? What kind of growth rates do you forecast? Which distribution channels do you aim to use?

7. Cooperation Partners

Were partners involved in the development of your idea? Which forms of cooperation have been included up to now and what kind of cooperation is planned for practical implementation? Do you have the rights for commercial exploitation?

8. Conditions for Participation

Conditions for Participation

Privacy Notice

The data you provide in your online application form will only be used internally to process your project idea. The project idea will be forwarded to the members of the appointed advisory board where it will be discussed. The advisory board will then select the winners. Your data will not be transferred beyond this. For more information regarding data protection, please refer to the Privacy Policy of BioCon Valley® GmbH.

Privacy Notice
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The BSR HEALTH INNOVATION AWARD 2024 of the National Conference on Health Economy is organized by BioCon Valley® GmbH. Cooperation partner is ScanBalt MTÜ